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A healthy, functioning organism

has strength, vitality and energy    


Why do people destroy this perfection?

Simply because people ignore it. They lie to themselves with excuses: today instead of drinking 5 glasses of water - I will drink 5 coffees. Instead of a healthy and wholesome diet - a quick and convenient diet. Instead of moderate sport - sport as image cultivation. People think they are staying healthy.

Ignoring is a way of consciously reinterpreting reality: it doesn't affect me. Cell phones, computers, electronics, cars, airplanes are conveniences of life, produced by people for people, but the result of these innovations - if they are not used consciously - is that not only the environment but also the human organism is massively burdened. As a result, the negative and positive ions lose their balance. 

If the stressed organism is limited in its function, people simply explain the symptoms that occur as natural illnesses. As a result, people only worry about their illnesses instead of asking where they come from. We are prepared to live with illnesses for the sake of comfort. As long as I am not interested in the background to these illnesses, they do not affect me. And yet I think I love my life. We at Tatanka Sun do.



What is health?

Health is a state of complete physical,
mental and social well-being

 What are Tatanka Sun products ?  

At pa-so, we have specialized in supporting the human nervous system and its processes with Tatanka Sun products. This flow of information is based on the exchange of positive and negative ions (salts), which makes up a well and normally functioning nervous system. We at pa-so are working on products with different types of minerals & crystals (salts) to support the human nervous system. No one feels the nervous system directly, but people who wear our Tatanka Sun products are aware that the nervous system is the foundation of the whole organism. They have understood and experienced that the nervous system is responsible for the proper functioning of movement sequences and organs.

 What is the effect of Tatanka Sun products?  

Tatanka Sun products from pa-so fill the deficit in the nervous system. They are the only products on the market with this effect. They are developed exclusively to support the central and autonomic nervous system, for communication and processes at various levels in the body. Be really aware: the only body you have depends on the capacity of the processes in the nervous system. The tested quality of the Tatanka Sun products from makes it possible to optimize this capacity for the body, whereby thoughts and feelings also lead to better well-being.


 More vitality for all generations

 Your digestion, cells, thought processes, sleep, all movement processes, the psyche and the entire organism benefit from Tatanka Sun products.


 What are negative ions?


Negative ions come to the earth's surface with other building materials and minerals and end up everywhere. For example in plants, trees and food, where they are known as anions or salts. Through our food we not only absorb minerals, vitamins and other building materials, but also these salts, which are also known as anions or negative ions.

These salts are very important for our body, because they are the optimal nutrition for our nervous system.

 Salts - anions - negative ions

Science has known for decades that the loss of nutrients in food is very high and that many vitamins, minerals and negative ions are lacking nowadays, leading to deficiency symptoms in the nervous system. 


Negative ions are needed in the cells of the nervous system, so that the body can function properly.




Make it easy for yourself - opt for the prevention, wear Tatanka Sun!  


What happens when we have a deficit in the nervous system?


The body needs negative ions to conduct nerve impulses. If there is a lack of negative ions in the nervous system, the stimuli can no longer be transmitted correctly and the entire organism can no longer be properly supplied.


We only feel the consequences when we experience symptoms such as muscle and joint pain and tissue weakness, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, delayed healing of injuries, immune deficiency, burnout  

as well as one of the most common symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and concentration problems. These dysfunctions can ultimately lead to illness.



What are the tasks of our nervous system?

It controls the organism and regulates functions such as movement, digestion, sleep, concentration, thought processes, regeneration, ageing processes, cell structure, circulation and psychological processes. It controls communication between the inside of the body and the environment, including rapid adaptation to changes within the body and in the outside world.


Central nervous system: 

  • the control (mediated via nerves) of the interplay of posture and movement
  • the facilitation of consciousness, language, thinking (mind, reason), memory (learning and remembering), instinct, feeling and sleep-wake rhythm
  • the transmission and processing of messages from the environment and from within the body 
  • the regulation of the healthy interaction of all vital systems in the human body (vegetative, peripheral nervous system, internal organs, hormone balance, muscles, sensory organs, blood and blood circulation, respiration). 

Peripheres nervous system: 

  • The peripheral nervous system comprises all other nerve fibers of the nervous system that run through the body. Their task is to supply the brain and spinal cord with information from the body and the environment. Conversely, the peripheral nervous system receives information on how to react with movements or bodily functions.

  My way to Tatanka Sun



I met Tatanka Sun for the first time in 2008. I was at a health fair and had my blood count shown at a stand. My blood cells were stuck together (money roll effect). I met Harald at another table. He hung a Tatanka Sun pendant around my neck for 20 minutes and then gave me an ionized glass of water to drink. Afterwards, I had my blood work done again. To my great surprise, I was able to see on the computer screen how the platelets that had stuck together had dissolved again.


Since this experience, the Tatanka Sun products have been much more than a piece of jewelry for me. They have enabled me to bring out the best in myself every day and to be the master of my body, thoughts and feelings. I love life. And I succeed because I function at my best every day, thanks to the wonderful supplement for my body. Isn't that a wonderful gift?


I have been an official contractual partner of since October 2009.


As a mental and intuition trainer, singer and coach, I know from my experience how extremely important our central and autonomic nervous system is.



 Tatanka Sun stands
for the highest quality

The natural way 

Stop the ageing process - experience golden years with more quality of life, vitality and health.

 General well-being  
An important factor for an optimally functioning organism is the central nervous system.

Action and regeneration

Optimize biochemical processes in the body to better absorb regenerating nutrients.


Your success is our mission





Tatanka Sun products are worn on the body. They are designed to emit negative ions for 50 years and work for such a long time.

Isn't that ingenious?