On the natural path to inner balance and contentment. Harmony for body and mind. 

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Tatanka Sun products are designed to support the nervous system, its processes and functions.

The balance of positive and negative ions provides a well-functioning nervous system.



    Our concern 

  • To increase the well-being of people
  • To follow the simple rules of nature
  • To help people realize their health
  • To know how to use the forces of nature
  • To realize the full potential of life

Tatanka Sun stands for the highest quality

Wellbeing from the inside out

 In a natural way 

Stop aging process - golden years with more quality of life, vitality and health. Achieve results you have never been able to achieve before.



An important factor for our well-being is the central nervous system. To support this consistently is one task of our concept. 

Fit and healthy

Tatanka Sun is not a medicine or a cure. It is a concept that is successfully used by millions for the well-being of their bodies. Simple, with you everywhere.


Optimize biochemical processes in the body to better absorb regenerating nutrients. This is based on the stabilization of the intestinal tract.


Tatanka Sun products are for all generations! 


With Tatanka Sun you do something good for your body. You support your nervous system optimally. The whole organism functions better and you can experience an uplifting feeling of life.
The day when everything changes for the better is not a pipe dream. It is a true reality. Tatanka Sun products with negative ions support you to achieve more well-being and a higher quality of life.


The buffalo has more than a message, it points to the perseverance in doing,

to the powerful holding of the chosen direction.

  More quality of life




With enough negative ions your digestion, cells, thought processes, sleep, all movement processes, your organism and

psyche benefit.

Live with the forces of nature



 Mother earth, nature and man are one.

Science translates the mathematical structures of nature into technological concepts.


Our desire is to bring people closer to the forces of nature and to use them.


Live a better life.



Wonderful experiences 

The products provide negative ions to the central and autonomic nervous system. 

This allows the biological organism to function better.


You get more quality of life and success 
    through more energy flow.

 More balance and stability.
 The motivation to do more.
✓ More endurance, discipline and strength
    in everyday life.

 Action that becomes faster.

 More joy and well-being.


The tested quality of Tatanka Sun products allows to increase and optimize
the functionality in the body.

Negative ions come from the earth's core



 Negative ions come to the earth's surface with other building materials and minerals and get everywhere. For example into the plants, trees and in all food. There they are called anions.


Salts - anions - negative ions

Humans need to eat every day

We take in through food not only minerals, vitamins and other building materials, but also salts, also called anions or negative ions. These salts are very important for our body, because these salts are for our nervous system. In order for the body to perform its function, there are negative and positive ions in the cells of the nervous system.

Normally we absorb the negative ions through
the food we eat

For decades, science has known that the loss of nutrients in food
is very high and in modern times very many vitamins, minerals
and negative ions are missing.
Therefore there are deficiency symptoms in the nervous system.

Environmental influences burden the body

Environmental influences burden the body.

In summary: We are all exposed to various influences nowadays like news, television, pressure to perform and environmental influences in general - these are daily stresses, who have a stressful effect on the organism.

They lead to physical illnesses, also to worries,

fears and dissatisfaction.

Central and autonomic nervous system  

The autonomic nervous system gets its power from the central nervous system. Positive and negative ions (anions) in the cells ensure that the exchange of information between the individual cells functions.


This is controlled by the central nervous system. It is responsible for the entire information exchange in the human body. (for the heart, lungs, stomach, kidney, pancreas, etc.).


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wide range of opportunities

Get inspired by our customers and then just go ahead and inspire others.


I have been wearing the Tatanka Sun bracelet and I am super satisfied. I feel more awake and balanced and no longer have tension in my neck. I finally sleep deeply and am refreshed in the morning.  Artemis 

Since I have been wearing the Tatanka Sun bracelet and pads daily, I feel very well, full of energy and adventurous, much calmer and more relaxed.  

Ruth B.


For over a year I suffered from paralysis on the right side. Since I started wearing the bracelet, my paralysis has almost completely disappeared. This is a great joy for me.    Anny

Note: Achieve results you have never been able to achieve before..

A wonderful support


Who ist Claudius Rieser?
I was born in 1961 and lived a completely "normal" life until my 27th birthday.

Then my life changed fundamentally. Because of suddenly appearing strong back complaints I often could not work. The doctors could not help me! But I did not give up and looked for alternatives.

Through the inner decision to free myself from suffering, loving and competent people entered my life, who offered support on a spiritual, intellectual, vital, emotional and physical level.


My health and life situation began to improve rapidly through my life changes and letting go of old conditioning and belief patterns. Then I was completely freed from my ailments.


I am so thankful that I found the Tatanka Sun products. I feel more strength and well-being in my body. 



Since October 2009 I am an official contract partner of the company Pa-So.


With warm regards,

Claudius Rieser


This is Tatanka Sun

Pa-so native art company was founded in 1989 in Arizona (USA). In 2002 the headquarters of the company was moved to Switzerland. Since 2023 I live as an Offizial contractor in Texas, USA.

A selection for a wonderful and ingenious support of your body for greater well-being.

The products have a high content of negative ions (anions), which are absorbed by the body.

 It brings you into balance by optimizing the body's own function. Experience and discover yourself anew.

It is a concept that is successfully used by millions of people around the world for the well-being of your body.

Wellbeing and Tatanka Sun

The key is the central and autonomic nervous system - as the center of nutrient distribution. Bringing both areas into balance at the same time leads to greater well-being.


General well-being

 Do something good for yourself and your family. Provide yourself and your family with essential nutrients.

Health from the beginning

Children are particularly dependent in the development to absorb nutrients, minerals in the body.


More quality of life

Slow down the aging process of the cells. Experience more quality of life

and improve your vitality.

Tatanka Sun - Jewelry



Bracelets and pendants made of pure silver.


Handmade to perfection with incorporated symbol, with the secrets of nature mathematics

of the sun and buffalo.


Filled with the natural elements of science.

High wearing comfort.


Designed for the organism.

Filled with negative ions (anions).





Strength and regeneration

Sufficient negative ions support your sleep quality, which is of great importance

for the overall physical and mental well-being.


We are a family

   We are a group of people who love life and use our knowledge. All are aware of what we do for our organism.

A wonderfull help 

Tatanka Sun with negative ions (anions) supports our nervous system and organism in its function.

Mind and body 

We wear Tatanka Sun and live and love this life more efficiently, in harmony and balance with nature. 

Physical well-being 

A healthy, functioning organism is one with nature and has life, light, strength and energy.