Pads new 

Supports the central nervous system. Can be worn during the day and at night.

Benefits - During the day: better performance of the organs, at night: regeneration of the organs.

Pads only wear in conjunction with a Tatanka Sun pendant or bracelet, otherwise the central nervous system will be overloaded.

Pads Neu


Contents: 21g negative ion powder (anions) divided:

  • 20% for the Central Nervous System
  • 80% for the vegetative nervous system

The vegetative nervous system gets its power from the central nervous system, so the pads should be worn only in conjunction with a:

  • Tatanka Sun pendant or bracelet.
  • Otherwise the central nervous system will be overloaded.
  • Also applies to wearers of Circle of Life


  • Titanium powder
  • Backside Wave Impulse Chip 4573 with rubber
  • Resins 1.5-2% , Proteins 1.5-2% , Minerals 0.5-1%

To note:

  • Wear on the body during the day and put on the mattress at night.
  • If you do not tolerate the pads right away, you can take them off - and put them on, depending on how you feel.



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